About Us

Founded in Treviso, Italy in 1974, MONTE NAPOLEONE is today reshaping the Italian sartorial heritage. We simply provide high quality and a timeless Elegance in the craftsmanship of Luxury essential fabrics. A minimalistic philosophy not only reflected in the design of our products, but also in their sustainability and durability, which is the commitment for an everlasting Green policy


Monte Napoleone was founded by Mr. Vincentzo Lapi. He established the shirt factory in a small Town Treviso, north of Italy in 1974.

The mountainous country of Italy represent the first name Monte, which mean to understand the challenge to be faced and the goals to be achieved. In many ways the second name Napoleone was added to because it means The Man from Naples, where Mr. Vincentzo was born; in Napoli.

In 2017 Napoleone collaborated with the shirt factory DC Garment. Together with their craftsmanship and management of Mr. Vincentzo, Monte Napoleone have achieved greater production with even better quality.

In 2020 the spread of deadly covid-19 virus causes many businesses bankruptcy, and Monte Napoleone as well struggled to survive like many other Italian fashion business.

Within the same year Mr. Tri Minh Dang, Co- Founder & CEO for DC Garment took over the Monte Napoleone licence and quickly decided to improvise the concept. He reconstructed a new exclusive ecommerce solution with free tailor-made for customers online. Mr. Tri wants Monte Napoleone to be the first online shop where the customers can have their ready to wear shirts length and sleeve length tailor-made free of charge.

In 2021 Monte Napoleone settle their course to Oslo, Noway to adapt the Scandinavian market with their Italian designed shirts.

Monte Napoleone strongly belivie that, in the 21st century everyone should be able to buy shirts online where the right length can be ordered without any extra additional, or hidden costs. We all come in different shapes and sizes, therefore we´re passionate about actering to reach individual body. Soon we will leverage technology to make this work. The future is exciting for the ecommerce solution